Elephant Conservation Safari

Special behind-the-scenes Wildlife Safari: Join Rangers & Conservationists. 10 Days on an exclusive Safari in Kenya. Help protect elephants & conserve their habitat. Highlights: See all the wildlife AND enjoy behind-the-scenes activities on this special conservation safari: [...]

By | Saturday, 26th, November|AFRICA, Kenya|

Last Minute Luxury Safari for Conservation

$4,000 off Wildlife Safari for 2. + we'll donate $2,000 to protect wildlife. Great Migration. Big 5. Iconic wildlife. 12 Days Private Luxury Tanzania & Kenya Safari. 17/ 18 Oct 2016 - get away on safari & help protect wildlife! Highlights [...]

By | Friday, 7th, October|AFRICA, Kenya, Tanzania|

Walking for our beloved African elephants

"Ivory belongs to elephants! Ivory belongs to elephants!" the Maasai school children chanted as they scampered behind Jim Nyamu. Some of them stopped to stare curiously into our cameras before running off to re-join their friends, giggling. Maasai children walk for Elephants in Amboseli [...]

By | Monday, 16th, February|AFRICA, Kenya|

“I have walked over 4,400 km for elephants”

A man has walked over 4,400 km for elephants. He is an inspiration to thousands, and proof of the Power of One. His name is Jim Nyamu, the Executive Director of the Elephant Neighbors Center in Kenya. Jim Nyamu (left) of the Elephant Neighbors [...]

By | Saturday, 17th, January|AFRICA, Kenya|

Masai Mara’s first Roan antelope in 20 years!

A handsome roan antelope was seen in the Masai Mara. These beautiful antelopes haven't been seen in the Masai Mara for over 20 years due to rampant poaching. Here's hoping the population increases from this one lone male! Here's the latest update from the Mara [...]

By | Thursday, 14th, August|AFRICA, Kenya|

Massive Python saved in Kenya

 Great job saving snakes in Kenya! Here is the latest update on the huge python they recently saved: We are pleased to say that the large Python saved by Robbie Clarke and his men from Rea Vipingo a few weeks ago is doing well. It also [...]

By | Wednesday, 23rd, July|AFRICA, Kenya|