Last Minute Luxury Safari for Conservation

$4,000 off Wildlife Safari for 2. + we'll donate $2,000 to protect wildlife. Great Migration. Big 5. Iconic wildlife. 12 Days Private Luxury Tanzania & Kenya Safari. 17/ 18 Oct 2016 - get away on safari & help protect wildlife! Highlights [...]

By | Friday, 7th, October|AFRICA, Kenya, Tanzania|

Hunting with a Hadzabe hunter-gatherer tribe in Tanzania

We ran through the scrub land, dodging low-hanging branches, thorny bushes and jumping ditches, simply trying to keep up with the Hadza. They fanned out in search of their quarry and ran silently through the bush like phantoms, whilst we struggled to keep up, crashing [...]

By | Saturday, 7th, February|AFRICA, Tanzania|