Exotic Borneo: Pygmy elephants & Primates

We watched as the orang-utan swiftly disappeared from sight, swinging gracefully and with ease from branch to branch. Lowering our cameras, we grinned widely at each other. We couldn't believe it; we'd seen a real, live, WILD orang-utan! What an incredible privilege. A couple of [...]

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Top 12 Unique Christmas Gifts that Make a Difference to our Planet

This Christmas, why not give a thoughtful gift that also makes a meaningful difference to our beautiful planet? We have some delightful gift ideas that will also make a difference to the environment, & provide alternative livelihoods for local communities living with wildlife. When the [...]

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Gir Forest: home to Asia’s last lions

When most of us think of lions, we think of Africa. However, they still exist in an isolated forest in India.  Lone male Asiatic lion (Panthera leo persica) in Gir Forest, walking into the shade as the day heats up. Once spread throughout much of southwest Asia, [...]

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