Great job saving snakes in Kenya!

Here is the latest update on the huge python they recently saved:

We are pleased to say that the large Python saved by Robbie Clarke and his men from Rea Vipingo a few weeks ago is doing well.
It also looks like with the help of Bonface, Geoffrey and the rest of the Bio-Ken team that have been looking after her she will be strong enough and ready to go off to the bush this weekend with all the other animals due for release back into the wild.


People around the world have an often irrational fear of snakes, killing even the harmless ones they come across. This is usually because they can’t identify different species, and therefore believe that the only good snake is a dead snake. In reality, snakes perform an incredible service to humans by keeping often pests such as mice and rats at bay, some of which may be disease-causing. It’s wonderful to see an organisation that’s working to save them at the coast in Kenya.

Thank you to the Bio-Ken team in Watamu, Kenya, for Saving Snakes!

Python in Kenya

Python saved by Bio-Ken in Watamu, Kenya