Lion population declined by 95%

In the last 50 years the lion population has declined nearly 95% in Africa. The biggest threat to these animals is continuing habitat loss, as well as illegal hunting, poaching and poisoning. How can we help save these big cats? One of the most important ways [...]

By | Friday, 8th, August|AFRICA|

African Wild Dogs in Zimbabwe

Even a fleeting sighting of an African Wild Dog is exciting. It's even more so when you find a pack of dogs with puppies. Here's the latest update from Painted Dog Conservation in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe: "We saw the Makwa pack with 6 beautiful [...]

By | Wednesday, 6th, August|AFRICA|

Massive Python saved in Kenya

 Great job saving snakes in Kenya! Here is the latest update on the huge python they recently saved: We are pleased to say that the large Python saved by Robbie Clarke and his men from Rea Vipingo a few weeks ago is doing well. It also [...]

By | Wednesday, 23rd, July|AFRICA, Kenya|

Sunset game drive in the Okavango Delta

We headed out for a late afternoon game drive whilst staying at Vumbura Plains Camp during our safari in the Okavango Delta in early May. We were searching for African Wild Dogs that had been spotted earlier in the day when we came across two lions [...]

By | Friday, 27th, June|AFRICA, Botswana|

Okavango Delta gets World Heritage status.

Botswana's Okavango Delta has just attained UNESCO World Heritage status! This is great news as it now affords additional protection to this precious wilderness. Here is a classic Okavango delta scene, and another stunning sunset! Join us on a Botswana Safari and experience its magic [...]

By | Monday, 23rd, June|AFRICA, Botswana|

Green Turtle nest in Madagascar

Green turtle nest on Anjajavy Lodge's beach, due to hatch soon! There is a turtle nest on the main beach of Anjajavy Lodge, Madagascar. Here is their report: "Early in may, some peculiar prints have been spotted on the main beach of the Anjajavy lodge, which [...]

By | Wednesday, 4th, June|AFRICA, Madagascar|

Polar Bear spotting in the Arctic

For those of you dreaming of a white Christmas… here's a photo to keep you cool, taken during our expedition to Svalbard in the Arctic circle earlier this year. Merry Christmas! Polar bear on pack ice off Svalbard in the Arctic

By | Wednesday, 25th, December|Arctic|