A handsome roan antelope was seen in the Masai Mara.
These beautiful antelopes haven’t been seen in the Masai Mara for over 20 years due to rampant poaching. Here’s hoping the population increases from this one lone male!
Here’s the latest update from the Mara Triangle:
Two days ago this young male Roan antelope was seen near the Kichwa Tembo airstrip.  Roan antelope disappeared from the Mara ecosystem about 20 years ago due to heavy bushmeat poaching.  Since last year we have seen this particular animal around Lookout hill, Oldonyo Nasipa, Ngiroare, Maji ya Ndege and now Kichwa area.  It is always seen hanging around near a herd of topi but looks like topi are not particularly friendly to it.  We hope one day it will bring a female from the northern Serengeti to produce its offsprings here in the Mara.
Roan Antelope - Masai Mara

A young male Roan antelope spotted in the Masai Mara

(Photo credit: T. Inaba)